Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No Go on Gonzales

During the Abu Ghraib toruture hearings, Senator Joe Biden, whose son is a member of the US Armed forces, stated the point perfectly. We adhere to the Geneva Conventions to protect our soldiers.
"By allowing this, you have put my son at severe risk of torture."

The moment a country lowers itself to the level of torturer, that country has lost any claim to morality in their actions.

In proclaiming the Geneva Conventions "obsolete," Mr. Gonzales cut loose the dogs of destruction, freeing them to shred the moral code that once guided this nation in the crafting of those very Conventions. Mr. Gonzales has betrayed the trust of the American people. He has betrayed our constitution. He has betrayed morality itself.

No one who can condone such cruel, brutal, and vicious treatment of human beings deserves a role in which he could decide the fates of millions of Americans.

When the gulag in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was created, Mr. Gonzalez approved of a new definition for people picked up by our troops or law enforcement agents: "unlawful combatant." In the past, such people were referred to as "prisoners" or "prisoners of war," depending on where they were apprehended. In attempting to subvert the constitution, by pretending that the invention of a new phrase for an old concept was a reasonable substitute for justice, Mr. Gonzales has demonstrated that he is not to be trusted to uphold the Constitution.

A man who will dehumanize others, is capable of dehumanizing anyone. We cannot allow such a person to hold the keys to justice in our country. As a matter of fact, this man should not be allowed to hold any office. He is a disgrace to decent Americans and shames us all.


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