Monday, December 20, 2004

Redistribution of Burden

For the irony-impared: This post contains irony. Proceed at your own risk.

"Redistribution of wealth!" comes the cry from those poor, unfortunate, wealthy corporatists on the right, "It's class warfare!"

They're right, you know. It is redistribution of wealth. It is class warfare. They just neglected to mention how the wealth is being reditributed and which class is waging the war.

Oops! They can be so forgetful...

If you don't know what I mean, let me give you a hint:

It was really nice to make major structural changes to our home entirely from our tax refund.

You see, the current so-called tax "reform" is really a redistribution of burden from the rich onto the middle class.

With that in mind, I guess I should say "Thank you middle class!" We even got to choose a more expensive custom color due to your generosity.

Isn't it neat how Uncle Sam takes it from you, and gives it to us? It's a nice gig, if you can get it.

Well, actually you probably can't, because many of the people in our income bracket and above, who don't care about fairness, who don't recognize the concept of 'enough' are working really, really hard to make sure the tax code shifts even more of the burden for the infrastructure of our country from us to you. It makes it harder for you to afford things like education for your kids, while we get luxury cars. Isn't that great?!

Your taxes are going up in all sorts of hidden little ways, but not the federal income-tax itself. It's kind of like the way colleges raise tuition without raising the tuition itself: charging more for parking, lab fees, activity fees, facilities fees, and so on. The big number everyone looks at doesn't jump out as having exploded since the last year, but boy do you pay through the nose when school starts!

Well, it's late, and I need to sign off, but thanks again, middle class. Keep voting for the folks who do this stuff for us. We're more than happy to accept your hard-earned cash.
Irony-impared folks: Did you find it?

Of course, those of us who do recognize the concept of "enough" and believe in fairness will continue working our behinds off to defeat those very people, even though it's seemingly against our own interests. Why? Because we also know that our real interests lie in an America where fairness reigns and everyone has the opportunity to thrive due to a rich and varied economic ecosystem.

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