Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate Earns Bush a Time-out

In the Kerry/Bush debate, George Bush was detail-free and clearly flustered in the face of Kerry's intelligent, detailed understanding of foreign policy.

Bush, substituted repetition for substance. It was rather pitiful.

My favorite part was Bush's whining that bi-lateral talks with N. Korea would destroy the 6-party talks. That's silly. The 6-party talks are a failure, as evidenced by the fact that N. Korea is still a serious concern. They should end. China won’t walk away. China has far more to lose than the US if N. Korea continues on its current path.

Kim Jong-Il needs the bi-lateral talks in order to save face, so he can end the dangerous escalation, but Bush just doesn't get it.

It's time for real leadership in America. Stubborn insistence on continuing failed policies is not leadership, it's a temper tantrum. If Bush were a 2-year-old, he'd get a time-out.


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