Saturday, September 11, 2004

He's Hiding, So Don't Ask

It's a work of art - spin within spin.

The latest tack on the right is that no one should look into George Bush's National Guard record because he didn't tout his record, but you should report without question lies about actual war heroes.

Well, I have some bad news for the right. The stories the candidates don't tout are exactly the ones to investigate. Nixon didn't tout Watergate, Reagan didn't tout secretly selling Arms (to Iran) so he could finance an illegal war in Central America.

Kudos to the warped weasel who though up this spin. Your prize: 10 days community service at the lovely Walter Reed medical facility in VA, where you'll be changing bedpans for newly limbless soldiers, who unlike your idol, are not chicken hawks.

Perhaps some time with real soldiers, instead of GI George, will teach you some humility.

Perhaps, when these men and women someday talk about their sacrifices you'll hesitate for just a moment before attacking.


Blogger Candidate X said...

Who would ever question another candidate's military service?

If Bush weren't tied to the SBVT group... I really doubt and others would have gone after him this hard.

Thanks for the comments over on Candidate X. I'll check out feedburner and would definitely be interested in your template. It's a much cleaner way to do the posts, without question.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! Send an email to my spam account (don't want trolls to get the real one) and I'll send you the template.

mataliandydfa -at- <- change -at- to @ and remove the spaces

2:49 AM  

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