Thursday, September 09, 2004

Such an Inconvenience....

Lots has been made of George W. Bush's National Guard duty (though not nearly enough). Honestly, the specifics of his failure to fulfill his duty don't matter. What matters is the pattern:
1 - Take on responsibility,
2 - Shirk your duty,
3 - Discredit anyone who tries to hold you accountable.

This man has twice taken on a role where he was supposed to defend his country. In both roles, he deemed his personal life more important than his country. As a National guardsman, he chose not to fulfill his requirement because he would not have "enough time," - not due to something excusable, like a family emergency, but because defending his country was inconvenient.

He writes off his National Guard shirking as "old news," as if that makes it irrelevant. I'd say if you see the same pattern of behavior repeatedly over the course of 35 years, you can be certain it's not going to change. Old news is relevant when you're looking for patterns.

As President, he failed to do his duty because he needed his vacation. In 3.5 years in office, this President has taken as much vacation as a typical working class person gets in 10 years, assuming they actually get to take all their vacation time each year.

While the threat of an Al Qaida attack loomed, reading and paying attention to security briefings, paying attention to senior advisors, and taking action was inconvenient. He had golf to play, bikes to ride, and other shows of manliness to perform. Potentially preventing the worst attack in the history of the United States wasn't convenient.

Let's not inconvenience him any further. Let's give George W. Bush all the vacation time he wants - and more. Starting November 3.


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