Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bringing It to the Enemy

In speaking of Iraq, Bush says he wants to bring the war to the enemy.

There are two frames:
1 - The enemy is "away" and can be kept "away" if we send troops there. This implies that not sending our troops "away" will cause the enemy to come here.

2 - Iraq is the enemy we're supposed to be fighting.

In a land far, far, away

Bringing the fight to the enemy as a means of keeping the enemy away from the homeland might have worked in the middle ages, when people were much less mobile, but these days, sending troops overseas does nothing to prevent others from coming here.

Shutting down world transit might keep people out, but shooting people somewhere else won't have any effect. Worse, shooting people somewhere else will convince those who already think we're evil that they were right, making them MORE likely to trundle on over and take a shot at us.

Iraqi Enemy

This is yet more of the administration's "Confuse the Facts" campaign. Iraq did NOT attack us. Iraq wasn't even within a decade of being able to attack their own neighbors, after the pummeling we administered during the Gulf war.

Yes, Saddam was evil.

Yes, it's good that the evil man is in prison.

I have a couple of questions for you, though:

  1. Was Saddam's Capture More Important than Preventing Al Qaida from Attacking Us Again?

    Remember, Bush pulled our troops away from the search for Bin laden (you know - that guy who masterminded the attack that killed 3000 Americans in New York city) and sent them to Iraq.

  2. Did Walking Away from Our Attackers Put Us in the Danger We're in Now?

    We're currently at an "Orange Alert" threat level, which means there's a high risk for terrorist attack, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Wanna bet we might not be in this state if we had wiped out Al Qaida, instead of Saddam?

  3. Is Allawi Any Less Evil than Saddam?

    First-hand accounts of Allawi personally shooting prisoners point-blank, when they had not been tried for any crime might be a hint of things to come.

Stay tuned. I have a feeling the jury won't stay out for long...


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