Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dear Governor Snyder, Here's What *Should* Make You Feel Bad

Aww, Michigan's Poison-Children-for-Profit Governor
Has a Sad:

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Snyder said when those like filmmaker Michael Moore say they want to see him resign, prosecuted or worse, it’s hard on him. “It makes you feel terrible, Charlie; it doesn’t help. But I am going to stay focused on the problem,” Snyder said.

Dear Governor Snyder, I feel exactly *ZERO* sympathy, for you, sir. There was no need to switch Flint's water supply, and then when you did it, you chose to break federal law by not spending a whopping $9,000 to prevent the new water source from leaching lead out of the pipes. 

You know what should make you feel bad, Governor? 

The fact that you poisoned *every* *single* *child* in the city of Flint. The fact that chemicals in the water are leaching calcium out of children's bones, leaving them doubly susceptible to its lead content: because one of the more insidious things that lead does is take the place of calcium in growing bones and teeth. This means that not only are these innocent children subject to brain damage *right now* from your actions, they will also have their own bones acting as permanent reservoirs of lead poisoning throughout the rest of their lives. 

You know what should make you feel bad, Governor? 

The fact that you have trapped every single homeowner in the city of Flint in their homes. Since it is illegal to sell a home with a known lead problem in the state of MI, no one in Flint can now legally sell their home (even if there were buyers, which there aren't). 

You have created the modern Love Canal. 
You have turned an entire major US city into an actual wasteland. You deserve far more than heckling, sir. You deserve to spend the rest of your life in prison - which will never be enough to offset the tragedy you, personally, have created. 

You owe the restoration of everything that has been lost to every single family whose future you have destroyed. You owe all the children of Flint life-long support to help them cope with the physical and psychological challenges they will face due to your poison-for-profit scheme. You owe their parents new homes, with safe water. 

You owe them everything.

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