Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Republicans are not Brave Enough to Preserve the Constitution

The Torture Bill passed the House today, in the shiny wrapping paper of an immigrant-hate bill, literally adding insult to injury. Tomorrow it will likely be voted on in the Senate. Friday it will probably become law.

Other administrations protected our basic constitutional rights in the face of whole nations, armed to the teeth with massive numbers of extraordinary weapons that threatened to wipe us all out in a few hours. Other administrations faced dangers so grave that the entire world literally hung the balance, and they did so with the Geneva Conventions intact. Other administrations faced unprecedented dangers without fearing every person's right to a day in court, to face their accuser and see the evidence against them - a guarantee that has been in place for nearly 800 years.

But this cowardly crew is so frightened by a rag-tag band of thugs they're cutting and running from the very basis of democratic society.

Retreating from democracy is the realm of cowards.

Washington DC Subway Ad, 2003
Any legislator, in any party, who votes for this bill, no matter what other bill it may have been cloaked in for the day, is not worthy of the trust bestowed by the voters and should be run out of office.

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