Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home Sweet Home

On the home front, progress is afoot. We have a pop-up tent, a kitchen tent, a shower tent, an outhouse, a well, solar panels, a bio-diesel generator, and a great big hole in the ground. (Shower tent and outhouse aren't shown in this shot)

The solar panels power our light bulb. It's, um, overkill! The generator runs the well pump and any power tools we're using for construction.

By the way, before drinking from a new well, make sure it's been "shocked" with chlorine. Unless you like playing host to nauseating little critters...

We have moose that walk by around 4 AM most days, porcupines, deer, at least one bear, and, as poor little Victor kitty found out last night, a coyote. The coyote dropped him when my husband went to check on the noise. He's staying with the vet for a few days, with luck he'll make it. The coyote had him by the head, and cut under his chin and near his eye, but that seems to be about it for damage.

We have all sorts of cool plants, including one whose name I just learned: jewelweed (the orange flowers).

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